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  • Businesses must be registered- applicants are required to submit forms 1 and 6.
  • Form 3* Name change docs
  • Incorporated Docs
  • Supplier’s invoice or estimates
  • Barbados Id
  • Passport size photograph
  • Valid proof of address.
  • Financials (2nd Loan) *

Trust Loans are available to all Barbadian citizens involved in or aspiring to pursue viable and legitimate entrepreneurial ventures. This encompasses a wide range of professions, including artisans, hair stylists, manufacturers, and many others.”

5% on the reducing balance

The duration , Loan terms – 36 months, Yes it can be extended and refinanced.

2 weeks after all required documents have been submitted.

The client will be sent a reminder from our recovery team about their payment.

Yes, and it is encouraged.

Clients have up to 3 months moratorium for their first loan before their first payment. During this period no interest or principal is paid to the loan. Payment options include salary deductions, online portals such as surepay, and face to face in the Branch.

5,000 for the first loan and 10,000 for the refinanced loan