Business Development

Each client is assigned a business development officer, who monitors the business for the duration of the loan. Key functions performed by the Department include:

  • Routine monitoring of businesses through client visits
  • Continuous business mentoring, counselling and coaching
  • Business development training
  • Community based outreach entrepreneurial facilitation
  • The provision of one-on-one consultancy and technical assistance by sector specialists.
  • Market analysis
  • Facilitation of marketing and outreach programs

Through our skilled and committed team, we will continue to put programs in place to enhance the financial livelihood of our clients and the wider Barbadian society.

Quote (The Richest Man of Babylon)

Our prosperity as a nation depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each of us as individuals.

What they are saying!

The BTFL has been instrumental in propelling the business to new heights, providing crucial funding and ongoing support from the Trust’s dedicated staff. Programs such as the Manufest and her involvement in the Export Barbados – Voyager Academy Program further enriched my business acumen.

Nicole St.Marie

Christole Creations

My business has faced numerous challenges but I take pride in being a member of the Trust Fund family. My progress and current position in life is due to the BTFL. I encourage anyone to consider joining the BTFL family.

Anita Esprite

Sweet Shalom

The BTFL has been the catalyst I needed to take my business seriously. The courses provided such as Costing and Pricing and Financial Literacy were eye openers.

Kelly Welch

Keleeks Natural Products and Vice President of the Unified Trust Cooperative Society Limited

Marketing is everything to me! Through the Manufest program, I was able to create branding for one of my products.

Talicia Lewis

Happy Treats

Nicole St.Marie

Client of the Month

Business: Christole Creations